10 interesting facts about the color pink

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There is a little girl in all of us when it comes to the color Pink. Pink evokes feelings of femininity, softness and love. Pink is about beautiful roses, hearts and everything sweet.

Below are 10 facts about the color pink which you may or may not already know;

  1. Origin – The color pink is named after the flowering plant called pinks.
  2. Calming Effect – Pink has a calming effect. If you want lots of activity in a space perhaps pink might not be the best color. It also depends on the intensity of the color. The paler the pink the calmer the effect. The closer to red the less calming the effect.
  3. How to create pink – Pink is a combination of red and white. The intensity of the color depends on how much white or red you blend together.
  4. What is the complementary color to pink? The complementary color is green of the same intensity.
  5. Carnation – A pink carnation means “I will never forget you”.
  6. Symbol – Pink symbolises love and romance, tenderness and care.
  7. Tickled Pink – Means you are in a state of “Joy”.
  8. Pink Slip – used in some English speaking countries for the slip your employer gives you when you have been fired from your job.
  9. Pink Ribbon – used by the Breast Cancer foundation to promote breast cancer awareness.
  10. Thailand – In Thailand pink is associated with Tuesday on the Thai solar calendar.

According to Minute Physics there is no pink… Here is what they say about the color pink.


May your day be filled with as much pink as you deserve!

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