10 reasons why pugs make great pets


From the minute we brought home our 8 week old pug we were already madly in love with him. My youngest son had wanted a pug for over 5 years and patiently kept asking for one with each passing birthday. I waited until his 14th birthday before buying him a pug.

We did our homework before bringing our pug home. We read up on how to look after pugs.  We visited our vet to find out the most common health issues affecting pugs. We spoke to other pug owners.  The day we brought Doug home we had a good idea of the pros and cons of owning a pug.

Eight months on and Doug the pug is an important and much loved part of the family. He is the sweetest little dog and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Here are 10 reasons why pugs make great pets;

  • Gentle Temperament – They have the sweetest nature and are generally not aggressive dogs. They love both people and other dogs, although they are not too keen on very big, boisterous dogs.
  • Great companions – They love to be with you everywhere you go. They make great companions.
  • Small eaters – Pugs don’t eat alot but they will want food all the time. Be careful not to overfeed them as they have a tendency to get fat quickly.
  • Easy to walk – Exercise is something pugs don’t seem to want too much. It is important however to walk your pug in the morning and night. Don’t buy a pug if you want a dog who will go jogging or hiking with you.
  • Smooth coat – Their coat is short, smooth and silky. Their fur does not need much grooming but they will shed alot.
  • Easy to groom – Pugs are easy to groom although you will need to clean the folds on their faces at least once a week.
  • Love to play – Pugs love to play with their favorite soft toys.  They will chase a ball but not for too long which is good as there is nothing more exhausting than a “ball” dog.
  • Love children – Pugs are great to have around children, particularly small children.  You can relax when you have a pug around your kids.
  • Enjoy car rides – Our pug loves car rides no matter how long or short.  Pugs love to look out the window at the passing world.
  • Give you lots of Love – Above all pugs will give you lots and lots of love and then some more love. Pugs are the sweetest little dogs with a big dog personality. Their whole world will revolve around you and being near you.

Special care instructions

There are some special care instructions that you do need to keep in mind if you decide on a pug as a pet including;

  • Their necks are very fragile so take care when handling them around the neck area.
  • Pugs get very hot very quickly in the summer weather.  You will need to keep them cool during the hot summer months using cold towels and the air conditioner.
  • You need to clean the folds on their face at least once a week.
  • Don’t overfeed your pug as they can get fat and this will affect their breathing and general well being.
  • Don’t leave your pug alone for long periods of time as this will make them very unhappy.
  • Toilet training a pug takes a lot longer than with other breeds of dogs.
  • Pugs can be stubborn sometimes… so be patient with them.
  • Pugs snore when they sleep.  We love it when our pug snores.  If you want a quiet dog when he sleeps then a pug might not be for you.


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