10 ways to handle the blues



The blues… lovely color, calming and soft but when you’re having a blue day it is a different story. Sometimes we all feel a little blue. Things happen in life and its hard to stay feeling fabulous, positive and energetic every single second of the day. The blues can last a moment, a day or a lot longer. While we try to focus on all that is bright and right in our lives and we count our blessings every day, every so often a little blue day comes creeping in.

I am not a doctor or a health expert but I have found 10 ways to help me chase away the blues when they pop up. Hopefully there is something in the list that can help you too.  If however you find that life seems really hard and you feel blue all the time then it’s probably time to seek some professional help.

  1. Go for a walk – While it can be hard to put those sneakers on, going out for a walk works wonders. Apparently its all about releasing “feel good”endorphins. Try it. What have you got to lose except the blues?
  2. Paint or draw something – Painting and drawing is fabulous. Yes you don’t need to be Picasso just pick up your brush or pencil and draw something you really like. Even just painting a simple square of your favourite color works wonders.
  3. Call a good friend or a family member you love  – You don’t need a 100, just one person you love and trust to share a cup of tea with when you feel blue can really help give you a new perspective.
  4. Watch a lovely movie on TV – Watching a beautiful movie can make you feel better instantly. Make sure its an uplifting movie not something too sad.
  5. Pamper yourself with a massage or facial – Oh yes a facial or massage is soooo lovely and will make you feel so good. Guaranteed!
  6. Listen to your favourite song (over and over)  – This works too. Make sure you play your favourite song really, really LOUD !
  7. Go to breakfast or lunch with a very good friend. Someone who is understanding, caring and can even make you smile :)
  8. Volunteer – Helping others who have less than you have can help make you realise you have so much and there is no need to feel “blue”.
  9. Meditate – Sit quietly and meditate. Let the thoughts pass through you for 5 minutes. Leave the noise, activity and blues behind….
  10. Count your blessings – Count every blessing in your life one at a time. Before you know it everything will feel a little more rosy and a little less blue.
  11. Bonus tip (buy some gorgeous, beautiful flowers) – Beautiful, fragrant flowers can certainly make you feel good. Their inherent nature is to inspire and make us happy.

Wishing you a happy week ahead !

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