11 ways to ease back to work after a holiday


Dear Friends

Our holidays are coming to an end. It’s now time to face the week ahead.

You know the feeling. You’ve had two weeks off on a lovely holiday. You’re having a Sunday morning cup of tea in bed and are thinking about going back to the office tomorrow. You wish you could have another few weeks off but alas, that’s not going to happen. How do you ease your way back to work?

Here are 11 ways I have found helpful to ease back into work after a holiday;

1. Before your holiday starts make sure your files and work is up to date.  It does take a little extra work before you leave but it is essential to help you ease back on that first Monday morning back.

2. Clean up your holiday mess at home.  Pack everything away, put a load of washing etc on and ensure all your holiday related “stuff” is away so your house is clean for Monday.

3. Plan your wardrobe for the first week and especially the first Monday back.  Make sure all your work related items are ready to go including your work security pass, blackberry and computer.

4. Buy some flowers for your office on the Sunday afternoon and have them ready to go with you on Monday morning.

5. If you are lucky enough not to have read emails while you were away open your emails and scan your mail on Sunday afternoon.

6. Go to sleep early on Sunday night and avoid having any alcohol or too much alcohol that night.

7. Get to work a little earlier if you can on Monday morning so you respond to your urgent emails and plan your day before all the other workers come in.

8. Prioritise the activities and tasks that need to be done the first day back and stick to the schedule.  Block out a two hour window with no meetings during the day to catch up.

9. Go to lunch and take a break at lunchtime on your first day back.  Your body will thank you for it :)

10. Catch up with your co-workers for a general chat.  It’s always nice to reconnect.

11. Go home on time the first day.  You will have the rest of the year to catch up and it’s a good idea to pace yourself back.

I hope I take my own advice.  We’ll see.

How do you ease your way back after a holiday?


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