14 days of Hearts


It’s the first day of February and Valentine’s day is only a few weeks away. I love Valentine’s day even if it is a little commercialised these days. It’s still fun. To celebrate Valentine’s day I am challenging myself to share with you 14 days of hearts. Each day for the next 14 days there will be a photograph taken by me of hearts and heart related beautiful things There might even be a cross stitch heart amongst them. Let’s begin.

Day 1 is a red and white heart made from petunias. These petunias are in my garden blooming since Christmas when I first planted them. Petunias are the best annual plant for the garden in summer in Australia because of the extreme heat at that time of year. They also look gorgeous in full bloom.

The heart also sends us messages. Have you ever had situations when you had to decide something difficult and your heart gave you the answer even if it was not the answer you wanted ? Did you listen to your heart?


February is the month to listen to our hearts more and act on the messages they send.

Have a lovely Saturday :)

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