365 Watercolors

Hello and wishing you all the very best for this the first day of a brand new year!

Every year I am inspired to create new things and this year is no exception. I have been following friends Annetta and Stephanie at a “Year to Inspire”. Prompted by the book “A 365 Journal Ideas” they have spent 2014 creating a daily art journal.  They have shared their beautiful photos and thoughts each day for a year.

I am so happy they are continuing their journey for 2015 by doing 52 projects which will include watercolors, stitching and other activities.  I look forward to following their blog again this year.

Day 364


I have also been inspired by Bernadette of 365 Hankies. Bernadette stitched her way through “365 hankies” in 2013.  Stitching something everyday would have been very challenging. I love all her beautiful hankies, each one so beautiful and individual.

Inspired by Stephanie, Annetta and Bernatte, I thought I would challenge myself creatively this year by painting 365 watercolors.  I am not a trained artist or painter but have always loved to paint and draw.

Here’s a few reasons why ;

  1.  Use the creative right side of my brain; I work full time in a non creative job. While I enjoy my job, it requires me to use mostly the left side of my brain. This project will challenge me to use the creative right side of my brain every day.
  2. Improve painting skills: To see if you can improve painting skills by practicing every day. Apparently anyone can draw or paint it just takes lots of practice. With each painting there will be so many lessons learnt.
  3. Challenge: This will be an enormous challenge. It will require commitment, patience and discipline.
  4. Enjoyment: I love to paint.

So here is the very first watercolor for 2015 to share with you. Inspired by my love of tea, flowers and knitting the painting reflects the things I love. A cup of tea, a flower in a vase and a ball of wool waiting to be knitted.

The things I have learnt today;

  1. Scale – The teacup is much too big compared to the flower in the vase.
  2. Lines – I did not sketch this first because I am not fond of pencil marks.  The lines of the objects can start off very lightly in one color.  Lines and shapes can then be added by using a more intense version of same color.

As part of this journey I plan to to the course by CreativeLive “Watercolor 101″. So looking forward to it.

I also look forward to sharing stitching, crochet and knitting related things this year. There might be a few book reviews and recipes thrown in.

How are you expressing yourself creatively this year?




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