5 days to Christmas

There are only 5 days left to Christmas.  Working full time and running out of time to get ready for Christmas?

I’m not ready either. I have left everything to the last minute and I am working too many hours at work {again}.

Here are 10 things to do when you only have 5 days left to Christmas and you are completely under prepared for the big day;

  1.  Tea – Take a deep breath and have a cup of tea.
  2.  Gift Vouchers – Buy gift vouchers or give cash instead of running all around town to buy gifts.
  3.  Shop Local – It’s probably too late to buy on-line, so shop local and support your local community. This saves time and helps others living close to you.
  4.  Clean – Give your house and garden a good deep clean.  This should last the next few days so you only have to give it a light clean on Christmas day.
  5. Windows – Clean the windows your visitors will see.  This means you don’t have to clean all your windows just a few strategic ones.
  6.  Wrap – Wrap all your presents and place under tree.
  7.  Bake – Use the weekend before Christmas to bake shortbread and other biscuits and place in beautiful boxes.  The biscuits should keep for at least a week and make great inexpensive presents.
  8. Menu -Plan your Christmas menu and keep things simple. If you want to do the whole stuffed turkey thing then do so but they won’t love you anymore for it. Instead think about a turkey roll or buying your turkey already baked from the local roast chicken store.
  9. Linen – Wash, dry and iron your table linen so it’s ready for the big day. Avoid the last minute ironing as you will run out of the time before the visitors arrive.
  10. Food – Shop the weekend before Christmas day with as much as you need to avoid the last minute crush. If you need extra last minute things visit the local grocery store and avoid the big supermarkets.

There is still time to get ready and avoid the pressure and hassle of all things Christmas.

In the meantime if you need to relax a little take a look at this gorgeous, sleepy, christmas owl from Hootsuite.

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