5 Reasons to grow Geraniums

It’s Geranium season again.  The bright pinks and whites coupled with the luscious lime greens makes this one of the most popular garden plants.  They brighten up a garden and add instant color in those spring and summer months. Here are 5 reasons to plan Geraniums;

  1. Easy to Grow – Geraniums are easy to grow and very hardy.   They don’t need much attention but do like sunshine and a little water from time to time.
  2. Grow from cuttings – These beautiful plants are easy to grow from cuttings.  Simply cut a piece and plant to create new Geranium plants… amazing.
  3. Inspiration – Geraniums provide inspiration for artwork, needlework and as cut flowers in your home.
  4. Fragrance – Geraniums have a beautiful fragrance.  Depending on the variety of Geranium their scent can vary from minty to rose and lemon.
  5. Pot Plants – Add color to your patio area or small garden by planting Geraniums in pots.  They are very easy plants to grow in pots.

Happy weekend!

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