5 Things to do in an Autumn Garden


The first month of Autumn is almost over. Crisp mornings with beautiful, still blue sky days. Autumn is a great time to spend in the garden.

The sweet pansies I bought from the nursery are calling to be planted. Remember when using potting mix not to breath it in as it contains micro organisms that can make you sick.  I water in the potting mix and always wear gloves when gardening.

Take this time to enjoy the last of the flowers still blooming in your garden.

Autumn is a great time to work in the garden to;

  1. Plant new bushes and small trees  – Make sure you mix the soil with compost and water in the new plants for at least a month or so after transplanting from your pot. If the leaves turn yellow or curl up it means the plant is not receiving enough water or nutrients.
  2. Cut back dead flowers – Hydrangeas and Agapanthus should be trimmed and the dead flowers removed from the bush. Do not be afraid to cut the plant right back to promote fresh new shoots in spring. This is also the time to trim back hedges before winter.
  3. Plant spring bulbs – If you want a glorious display of spring bulbs now is the time to plant them, either in pots or in the garden.
  4. Plant seasonal flowers – Pansies, Fuchias, Dahlias and Roses are great Autumn flowers to plant at this time of year.
  5.  Rake up Autumn leaves – Gather fallen leaves, garden and lawn clippings and add to your compost bin.

I’m working on the February and March “String of words” knitted squares. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for falling behind. Hope to share more with you next weekend.

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