5 ways to find your artistic voice

Hello friends

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of January 2019 already. The first two weeks of the year were spent at the Cape Bridgewater beach. It was a beautiful time to reflect and find my creativity again.

Recently I have been reflecting on how to find my artistic voice. I did not grow up in an artistic household and it was not until my late thirties that I began exploring my creative side. I started off stitching popular cross stitch patterns in embroidery magazines.  Drawing and painting came next.  I explored with watercolors, oils and then acrylic paints.  In the meantime I continued to embroider.  From cross stitch to needlepoint and free form embroidery.

For so many years I felt my artistic abilities were not good enough. That everyone else was a better artist.  The inner critic kept holding me back from expressing myself through art.

While on holidays in January this year something changed.  I decided it was time to find my artistic voice and to share it. To explore my creativity without hesitation or doubt.  That making art brings me joy and that it does not matter if people don’t like my what I create or  don’t think it’s good enough.  As long as I like making things and find happiness in doing so then that is enough.

There are lots of articles in print and on the internet telling you how to find your artistic voice. Here are my 5 ways to find your artistic voice;

  • Make a conscious decision and choose to find your creative voice.
  • Try to silence your inner critic and don’t overthink things.
  • Create art that inspires you and moves you. Push and explore your artistic boundaries.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other artists. You are unique and your artistic voice is yours alone. No one else expresses themselves the way you do.  Limit the time you spend on the internet.
  • Don’t listen to any negative comments from anyone about your art.

As we begin another year I am hoping to complete the embroidered table cloth I started a few years ago.  This will be a year long project. I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you along the way. I am also planning some abstract paint and embroidery pieces which I might sell in my shop later on this year.  My dream for this year is to hold workshops in my local area and then maybe create an online course. It all depends on how the year progresses.

In the meantime love your art and be your greatest fan!


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