White roses photo assignment


I bought a bunch of white roses from the green grocer the other day. Mass produced roses but beautiful nevertheless. I thought they would be a good subject for a photography assignment I set myself.  I wanted to see how the white roses photographed in different ways could produce very different photographs.

As an amateur photographer there is so much to learn. Despite taking thousands of photos I have still not mastered light and composition. All elements have to work together to produce a beautiful photo.

The first photo (at the top of this blog post) was white roses in a vase arranged on my outdoor table and photographed outside. A little ceramic bird was added to the side of the vase for interest. The focus of the photograph was the bird with the white roses in the background. I liked the greens and whites in the photo but the roses are overexposed and the pattern of the table where the vase was placed is distracting.

The second photo was taken further away from the vase. Again the roses on the left hand side of the photo are overexposed. The background is distracting and competing for attention. A more neutral background would have been better.

The next photo is a close up of the roses taken overhead at an angle. While the white roses are the focus of the photo the background is a distraction.

The final photo was taken with my macro lens and is my favourite. The greens and white of the rose work well together and the eye is drawn to the rose bud. The white rose in the background is sufficiently blurred and neutral not to distract the eye too much.

So there you have it, a bunch of white roses photographed in four different ways producing four different photographs.