It’s the last day of November. The Agapanthus flowers are blooming everywhere. From the deep blues to the crisp whites. They are wild and beautiful.

I am thankful for November. I have blogged more or less every day this month as part of NaBloMo. Blogging every day when you work full time with a two hour a day train commute, and two kids is very difficult. In fact I missed 5 or so blog posts because of work and illness in the family.  I’ll try not to beat myself up about it too much because I did my very best and sometimes that’s all there is to give.

Would I do it again? No, blogging every day is for those who are lucky enough to have endless amounts of energy or who don’t have full time jobs outside of blogging.

While I loved the challenge  of NaBloMo I will be getting back to blogging less regularly.  I was blogging once a week but I think I can manage twice a week. A mid week post and a weekend post.

What challenge have you set yourself this year and did you learn something about yourself from it?

Grateful for a lovely November and looking forward to December.