A brand new year and beginning – 2019

Hello there

I wish you a very happy new year! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are ready for wonderful and productive 2019.

It has been one year since my last blog post and it is so nice to be here again. After blogging for at least 5 years on Gingham Red and another 4 years on another blog that I have since let go I felt drained. I was out of inspiration and ideas.  In addition, last year I had to deal with a few personal challenges.  There was not much spare energy or focus left for anything else.

After a year off I am back and feel refreshed and ready to spend time on Gingham Red. It is nice to be back and it feels like I have come home.

The approach for Gingham Red will change slightly this year.  While there will be some embroidery here and there, my passion over the past year has been taking still life photos. Exploring various art forms will also be on the agenda as will the usual cups of tea and photos of my beloved pugs.

We have started the year off with a two week holiday at Cape Brigewater.  This is the 6th year in a row that we stay in this beautiful place.  I have blogged about this place in past years. 

This year like every year we visited the Portland Botanical Gardens. It’s not a large garden but it’s beautiful none the less. From November to the end of January the roses are in full bloom.  The garden has a huge collection of Dahlias. They are currently dormant and the pigeons were having a lovely time eating the hay around the Dahlia blooms to protect them from the sun. The gardens are peaceful, beautiful and very well cared for and well worth a visit.

And then there’s the beach at Cape Bridgewater located 15 minutes away from Portland. It’s a most beautiful breath taking place.  It’s a place to catch up breath, reflect and take lots and lots of walks by the sea.

This year I’ve decided to be kind to myself and others.  Instead of being critical of myself that I do not blog every day I am happy to blog once a week. If I don’t feel well or have alot on in my life I might upload an image and a short sentence or two and that will be ok.   I am also undertaking a 31 day challenge on the  instagram of tea and flowers in case you want to follow.  After the end of January I will decide my next challenge.

I am also working out how to create a newsletter for the blog.  It’s something I have tried to do in the past but have not worked out quite how to make it happen.  This is definitely the year to give it another try.

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful 2019 and hope it is filled with all the things that bring you joy and less of the things that make you feel sad or bad.


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