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It’s been a while since my last post.  I have been busy creating new abstract embroideries for the “Emotion” series.  Each embroidery takes days to create and then stitch. Following on my last post where I profiled the “Thinking” piece I have created three additional abstract embroideries.

“Heart a Flutter” – The second piece in the series is called “Heart a Flutter”. It’s about the feelings you have when you fall madly in love.  It’s about seeing that person early on in the relationship and all you feel are 100s of butterflies churning around in your stomach. It’s such a special, precious time that does not come along every day and does not last forever. I wanted this embroidery to capture that moment in time.

I used pink watercolors to paint a fluid heart on Damask fabric.  I then used a variety of stitches including satin and cross stitch to embroider the fabric.  I added nails to the heart to signify heartache and orange and pink beads to reflect joy and happiness.  Once the heart was embroidered I stitched a whole series of paper butterflies in place.

“Joy” – Oranges, yellows and reds were the inspiration for the next embroidery piece called “Joy”. I wanted to reflect the feelings associated with feeling happy and joyful. It seemed orange, yellow and red were the perfect colors to capture this emotion.

First, I painted a series of yellow, red and orange stripes on 32 count Linen Fabric.  I waited for the paint to dry before embroidering a combination of stitches and beads across the fabric.  The stitches include Herringbone stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch and seed stitch. The finished piece measures 20 cm x 29 cm.

“Hope” – This weekend I finished the biggest and most ambitious abstract piece called “Hope”.  Hope is a feeling of expectation for something to happen.  The word reminded me of looking upwards to the blue sky and wishing or longing for something to happen.  I used blue and green ink on 32 Belfast Linen and embroidered using mainly seed stitches and beading.  The finished piece measures 50 cm x 65 cm and is the largest piece I have worked on so far.

The next embroidery will be a smaller one and likely to be about love again.  Thinking reds and pinks for this one.  I am also thinking about creating a few abstract embroideries and putting them on Etsy or on a store on this site.  I am not sure yet but stay tuned and see you soon!


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