Abstract pink and green cross stitch

australia day 2016

The pinks and greens of the Hydrangeas are slowly fading and the garden is showing signs that Autumn is approaching. We are almost half way through the first month of the year. Hard to believe it was a moment ago we celebrated Christmas.  There are still warm days ahead but not for more than a month or so. The last of the Roses, Hydrangeas and Geraniums are blooming. Their buds and blooms are smaller than in Spring but they are beautiful nonetheless.

australia day 2016.2

In the meantime I’m working on an abstract pink and green flower cross stitch design which is being stitched on 28 count Natural Linen.  The design was inspired by salmon pink tulips. I wanted to create an abstract flower chart inspired by the tulip. As I stitch the flower there are a few adjustments that need to be made to the pattern. Sometimes a design that is drawn on paper and then on the computer ends up being slightly different when it is stitched on fabric.

The design will also look different depending on the type and color fabric you use. The higher the fabric count the smaller the stitched design will be.  The lower the fabric count the bigger the finished design will be.

If you are a cross stitch beginner and would like to learn this beautiful and relaxing hobby you will find everything you need to learn to start you on your journey with 12 Quick and Easy Cross stitch charts. This mini booklet provides you with all the instructions and information plus 12 easy cross stitch charts to start you on your cross stitch journey.

The abstract flower pattern will be released shortly in the Shop too if you’d like to stitch it yourself.