All you need is Love


The second word for my “Knitting a String of Words” project is “Love”.  It was the word for the month of February.

Valentine’s day is a time for love and romance. The word love can be romantic love but it’s also about love in general. It’s about loving others and loving yourself.  Have you been loving towards others in your life this month? If not why not?

It’s ok to acknowledge that you no longer love someone you used to love. Sometimes love fades away and sometimes love goes away particularly when we are treated badly. It’s also ok to acknowledge that you  no longer love your job or where you live and you need a change.

What about self love? That can be a challenging concept for some people. Making decisions about your life and things that are good for you sometimes involves changing your relationships and making decisions that others around you won’t like. Self love is about reflection and having the courage to make changes which may be difficult and challenging but which are ultimately good for you.

Self love is also about looking after your health. If you have chosen to eat or drink too much this month ask yourself why. Why don’t you love yourself enough to make the right choices for every aspect of you?

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