Birthday presents for your 18 year old son

My son turned 18 this week. A huge milestone in our family. He is the eldest of two boys. He is tall, handsome and strong (yes I am biased). Like most 18 year old boys he likes sport, technology, music, surfing and girls.

He wanted a new iphone for his birthday. Such a special milestone birthday needed something a little more personal than a phone.

In the end I decided to paint a painting for him. A painting reflecting his love of the ocean and surfing. The phone he receives for his 18th birthday will be replaced in the next few years. The painting I paint for him hangs on his wall and will be there until he leaves home. He can take the painting with him into his own place.  I hope it will be with him his whole life.  A reminder of the day he turned 18.  A special time when he was young, beautiful and full of hope.

His step grandmother also wanted to give him something handmade.  She gave him a granny rug in his favorite colors. The rug is now on his bed and is keeping him warm in the cooler autumn nights.

Here are some gift ideas you could give your 18 year old son;

  1.  A handmade granny square blanket for his bed in his favorite colors
  2. A knitted scarf
  3. A painting reflecting the things he loves
  4. Enlarge one of his favorite photos and have it printed on a canvas
  5. Paint and freshen up his bedroom with put new bed linen on his bed

Handmade gifts are still appreciated. While the world is full of technology, the things that are made by hand and with love connects us in a way that technology never will.

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