Roses, Blues and Whites

Blues and whites are a fresh and young color combination.  Fresh like a day in Spring.

The White Roses are growing next to the Snowball Viburnum bush in my garden.  Both plants are gorgeous and full of life at this time of the year.  Virburnum bushes grow all over Australia and flower mainly during the spring. Their gorgeous big white balls of flowers hang upside down on the tree.  The stems of the flower are not very straight or strong so it is advisable to place them in a vase with plenty of support.

The combination of White Roses and white Snowballs in a vase were so sweet I had to share them with you in the hope it would make you smile and feel good too.  In keeping with my total obsession with Gingham fabric the vase is sitting on our kitchen table which is dressed with a Blue and White Gingham tablecloth for the week. We are truly blessed to have such a magnificent garden and to be surrounded every day by the gorgeous gifts that are these beautiful flowers.

This weekend I have been spending stitching a brand new cross stitch chart I designed with the kitchen and home in mind.  To be sure the design works and the chart is 100% I thought I best stitch it myself before sharing it with you.  It’s a fun project combining cross stitch on Red and White Gingham using waste canvas.  Stay tuned for Part 1 early this week with Part 2 on Saturday next week.

Wishing you a happy week ahead :)

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