Chicken and the Rose Needlepoint

Happy Friday!

What embroidery projects are you working on right now? Are you enjoying them?

I designed the Chicken and Rose Needlepoint in earlier this month. When I first drew the chicken, well Rooster actually onto the 10 count white mono canvas, I had no idea a rose would magically appear next to him a few weeks later.  Sometimes a design starts off in one direction only to change and transform into something quite unexpected.

Why a rose?  I don’t really know except that I love roses.  Roses represent the feminine. Somehow the combination of a rose with a very masculine Rooster is appealing. Unpredictable and unexpected.

The best part of this project is how much I have enjoyed the journey, the process and the experiment.  It’s like getting on a bus to an unknown destination and hoping that when you get to your destination you have arrived somewhere lovely.

The most challenging part of the design is the body of the chicken and getting the browns just right.  So far so good but its slow.  Also thinking about the border.  Should I add a border or not?  Not sure yet.  It will however all unfold as it should.


Happy Friday!

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