Color your world in 2015!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  A new year just around the corner. So much hope and promise. Don’t you just love the beginning of the year? It’s a time to think about fresh and new ideas for the year ahead.

Instead of cooking our New Year’s Eve meal I am spending a few relaxing hours with watercolors. I started off painting various hues of greens. All of a sudden the orange and purple took my fancy so I added those as well. It’s an experimental painting where the focus is using different amounts of paint and water and combining different colors in the squares to see how they bounce off one another.

Do you like color? There are so many ways to add color in your surroundings;

  • Flowers – Add a vase of colorful flowers to your kitchen or dining room table.  They will give you an instant lift and visual pop.
  • Paint a wall – Paint a feature wall of your living area with a beautiful vibrant color. If you don’t like it then paint over it with a more neutral tone.
  • Cushions and Rugs – Cushions and rugs can add a ton of color in a more measured way. Match your colors with your color scheme or use contrasting tones. Experiment and have some fun with it.
  • Paintings – Adding a big bright painting into your living area can make a huge difference.  For the cost of a canvas and some acrylic paints you can paint big blobs of the colors onto the canvas and voila instant color.  You don’t have to be an artist to paint. Anyone can pick up a brush and paint and start painting.  Remember as Henry Ford once said if “you think you can (paint) and if you think you can’t (paint) then you are probably right!

Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year.  See you in 2015!


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