Cotton floss spring color palette

Yellow and blue is such a fresh color combination. Add splashes of white and the colors sing together.

The cheerful daffodils are everywhere now. To treat myself, I bought the delicate white and blue Maxwell and Williams cup on Saturday morning. This cup is from their Cashmere range and is called “Charming Bluebells”. It will join my ever growing cup collection. You can never have too many beautiful teacups can you?

Around this time last year I created and shared the Salmon pink color palette. The colors were matched to the closest DMC and Anchor cotton floss colors. I thought it would be fun to create another color palette, this time using the blues and yellows of the sweet blue cup and cheerful daffodils.

Once again the colors are matched to the closest DMC and Anchor cotton floss colors.

Electric Blue                          DMC 995         Anchor 410

Pale Blue                                  DMC 809          Anchor 130

Dark Greeny Yellow         DMC 3819       Anchor 278

Bright Yellow                        DMC 445          Anchor 288

Dark Green                            DMC 904          Anchor 258

These colors would be great to stitch yellow flowers in a bright blue pot. Stay tuned for the cross stitch design using these colors in the soon to be released cross stitch book.