Creating magic with embroidery


We all need magic in our lives. Something special, something unique that makes us believe that anything can happen and surprises are just around the corner. Embroidery and making things by hand for others can do that.

I have a lovely friend with small children. We were chatting some time ago about pencil cases and whether I could make something for her kids. I wanted to know what they liked. Princesses, fairies and ballerinas seemed to be to the things they liked. With these ideas in mind I designed and stitched two small pouches. One featured a princess the other a ballerina. Both designs had to be stitched on gingham fabric of course.

My friend called me and told me her children were over the moon delighted with their small gifts. They loved their handmade, hand stitched pouches and wondered what to use them for. Would the pouch be for pencils or for their “special things” they asked her. It was lovely to make these special gifts for them by hand and to know that they were so happy with them.

Embroidery and handmade objects can create much happiness, delight and magic in the world.


Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S – The roses are from the beautiful blooming garden.

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