Creating a salmon pink color palette


I bought these gorgeous Gladiolas last week . Over the past week they have gradually bloomed open revealing their soft, creamy, beautiful salmon pink color. The texture of the petals reminds me of a salmon pink silk shirt my mother used to wear. I can’t stop looking at these magnificent flowers.

Inspired by these colors I photographed the flowers and created a salmon pink color scheme. Each color in the scheme has been matched to a DMC cotton floss. The shades of pink work so well together because nature provides us with the most perfectly combined color palettes.

If you want the Anchor cotton floss equivalent the numbers are;

  • DMC 3708 = Anchor 31
  • DMC 3713 = Ancor 1020
  • DMC 472 = Anchor 253
  • DMC 893 = Anchor 41
  • DMC 152 = Anchor 969

I plan to create more color palettes from the flower photographs I take in the months ahead.

Enjoy and wishing you a glorious week ahead!

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