Cross stitch from Chennai, India

On the weekend I was cleaning out my closet, or as they say here, cupboard and came across a round tablecloth I bought in Chennai India earlier this year while I was there for work. The tablecloth features beautiful cross stitch from Chennai a beautiful city in the Southern part of India. My first visit was this February when the weather was quite lovely.  By the time I visited again in April it was so hot I could hardly breathe.

I had forgotten I had bought this lovely cross stitch tablecloth stitched by nuns living in Chennai and sold through a handicraft store to support a local orphanage.  The flowers in the cross stitch design are quite traditional, as are the colours but the overall effect is lovely.  Even more amazing is the size of the cross stitch stitched on very dense cotton.  I had to buy the table cloth not only for the beautiful work that had been done but also to support the orphanage in a very small way.  I will make sure to use the tablecloth and keep it in a place that will be a reminder of the lovely weeks I spent in Chennai, India.

Have you bought something beautiful and handmade in your travels that you just had to buy ?  What did you buy and why ?  Do you keep your purchased handmade item in a place where you can enjoy it every day ?  Does it bring you joy to hold it or look at it ?

Have a beautiful day !

One thought on “Cross stitch from Chennai, India

  1. I was in Chennai recently and purchased the most beautiful fabrics in a night market. I still have not used them because I love to look at them as they are and touch them, they’re stunning examples of fine material.

    And what about the colours in the table cloth you’ve profiled! They’ve selected the most true-to-life colours, those Nuns are obviously very talented!

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