Cross stitch and pink roses

How was your week? Mine was full of work, work and more work leaving little time to do anything creative. Thank goodness for a two day weekend break. The minute I get on the Friday night train I begin celebrating the freedom of two days ahead, spending time with my family, listening to loud music while I stitch and paint in the studio. This weekend was no exception. I finally finished “C is for Cat”.

I received an email recently from a blog reader who asked why it was taking me so long to finish off the alphabet sampler I am designing. It is taking forever because I work full time and only have time to design and stitch one letter every weekend. I get home from work most week nights around 7.30 or 8.00 pm and am usually too tired to stitch.

The letter D is for next weekend. Will it be “D is for Duck” or “D is for Dog”? I also managed to find an easy way to store my embroidery hoops so I can access them easily and keep them in one place.  All you have to do is hang them on a nail or plastic picture hook on the wall.

In the meantime, the pink roses I bought over a week ago were the inspiration for this blog post and photographs. You can never have enough roses in your life can you?

Next week I am hoping to share a free Bargello pattern to be used to make a small card holder. See you then and have a great week!