Cupcakes anyone?


Hope you had a fabulous weekend doing all the things you wanted to do. Mine was spent making cupcakes and sausages rolls, stitching more of Lovely Grace needlepoint and creating a few more hearts to share with you in the days ahead.

Of course there was afternoon tea. In continuing the celebration of all things hearts and the theme of 14 days of hearts I am sharing with you little cupcakes decorated with small hearts made from red Cachous. It’s amazing how even the tiniest decorations can make an ordinary cupcake look that much more inviting. The cupcakes came from a cake mix bought in the supermarket. Yes, its not ideal but it saved a lot of time and my sons did not complain too much as they gobbled all the cupcakes up during the afternoon.

As I have said many times, there is nothing in life quite like a beautiful cup of tea served in a gorgeous cup surrounded by purple and white Hydrangeas on a summery Sunday afternoon. Enjoy.



Enjoy your Monday!

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