Domestic Goddess needlepoint No 2 – In the garden


This weekend I started the second needlepoint in the Domestic Goddess series I am designing.

You may recall this series features Sally the Domestic Goddess living in a small house in Richmond a suburb in Melbourne Australia with her naughty black cat Nigel and cute brown pug Steve. If you missed the first chart you can catch up here.

This weekend Sally decided to spend time in her garden now that the cold weather has arrived. It’s a good time of the year to cut back the Hydrangeas and Roses and rake up the soggy, brown leaves that have fallen from the big oak tree tree growing over her small garden.

Sally’s garden is small and enclosed by a grey, ageing picket fence. Nigel regularly makes his way across the fence on his late evening walks and jumps onto the shed roof of the house next door. Sally loves her little garden. She spends her time there listening to the birds, watching the clouds go by in summer and drinking cups of tea on quiet Saturday afternoons.

Steve, the pug loves it when Sally is in the garden. He spends his time snorting and sniffing around with his stumpy little nose inhaling all the delicious smells the garden offers. When he is tired he sits on his side watching Sally do her thing in the garden.

What to wear in the garden this morning was a big decision.  In the end Sally settled for a dark blue sweater, a bright green scarf her grandmother gave her a few years ago and acqua trousers she bought at a second hand shop in Fitzroy. She could not resist the vibrant acqua striped trousers.

Picking beautiful pink Camellias is a priority for Sally. She loves Camellias as they bloom in whites, pale and shades of dark pinks. Best of all she can pick the beautiful blooms to decorate the vase on her kitchen table.

Sally picked this divinely glorious pink Camellia this afternoon. The delicate bloom is now on her window shelf so she can look at it every time she doe the dishes.


In my blog post last week I announced I would release the first Sally the Domestic Goddess chart as a PDF however I have decided to release the entire Sally the Domestic Goddess needlepoint series as a mini book later in the year.

I hope you have had time to spend in the garden or a local park this weekend. Have a great week ahead.