Dear Friends

It seems Australia has been on fire this week.  Catastrophic bush fires were declared for many parts of New South Wales and Tasmania. Victoria and parts of Queensland are burning too. I wonder whether this is all part of global warming. The hottest temperatures on record were recorded for Sydney and Melbourne this week with temperatures reaching into the mid 40C and beyond.

Homes have been destroyed and lives are in tatters.  It’s been a difficult week for many. It’s not over yet. There are more fires burning and the temperatures later this week will make things dangerous once again. In the months ahead communities will rebuild their lives and homes.For the moment we need to fight the fires and save lives and property.

I worry about the wildlife that get caught in the bush fires. The kangaroos, koalas, and other beautiful Australian wildlife. Let’s also not forget the bravery and courage of the Australian volunteer fire fighters.  They have been working around the clock in difficult life threatening conditions to save their communities. To those heroes we say thank you so much for your courage and sacrifice.

The weather is cooler today with showers and temperatures of around 21C. Talk about extremes.

Meanwhile we continue to enjoy our stay at the farmhouse at Cape Bridgewater. Dusk is a quiet, peaceful time with the Kangaroos coming out to feed in the clearing. Everything is so quiet.  It’s a lovely time.

evening1 evening4








Take care and remember to be grateful for everything you have. It can all be lost in the blink of an eye.

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