Embroidery, the cat, spider and girl


Red Cat

This embroidered red and white cat was inspired by a watercolor painted one morning earlier this month. His name is “Harry the Cat”. Harry is a red and white Tabby and is stitched by hand on 100% cotton yellow and white Gingham. I used DMC cotton floss and backstitch to create him.

While taking this photo, a baby Hunstman spider fell onto the pouch from the tree above. When fully grown the Australian Huntsman spider grows to have a leg span of up to 15 cm long. They are quite frightening when you see them pop out from behind the curtains in your house and run across your walls. Worse still they can drop out from behind the sun vizor in your car while you are driving! This happens over the summer months from time to time.  Still, when they are as small as this little spider they are not so frightening and quite beautiful.

Girl in the Red Dress

Meet Sally. She lives in a time where little girls dressed in beautiful, full red and white spotted dresses, wore white socks and black patent leather shoes. She is sweet and kind and loves flowers of all kinds. Sally is stitched on pink and white Gingham cotton. She is stitched almost entirely in backstitch with DMC red, brown, white and light cream cotton floss. The flower is stitched using lazy daisy chain and french knots.

Sally will feature on the front of another small lined zipped pouch. Perhaps Sally could help a little girl keep all her hair clips in a safe place ?

There are more embroideries coming…In the meantime I hope you find time to do something lovely today. Have a beautiful Tuesday.

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