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Happy weekend to you. I hope you had a productive week without too many dramas. Its the weekend. Your time to relax and take some time to breathe. Is it time to be inspired and create some art?

A friend of mine once told me she could not create any “art”. She believed that because she could not draw or paint like the masters she could not make art. I told her it all depended on her point of view. I believe everyone is an artist. Everyone can create art if they want to. Art comes in so many forms. Painting, photography, embroidery, sewing in the case of visual arts.

Art is anything you want it to be. Art is personal and you are involved in an expression of yourself. Too often we limit ourselves by our own beliefs and the views and opinion of others. I used to believe in all of that too. Not anymore.

Art is an expression of yourself. It expresses the essence of who you are. It can be expressed in so many ways. If creating something with your hands, dancing, singing or playing on your piano makes your heart sing then its art no matter what anyone says. If it makes you happy then that’s all that matters.

Talking about art leads to Amy Powers at Inspired Ideas magazine. I have never met Amy but I follow her blog and have bought all her online magazines. Amy is inspirational and creates beautiful, colorful, gorgeous online crafty/arty magazines in collaboration with lots of creative people. Her magazines make me happy and I love nothing more than reading the latest edition with a leisurely cup of tea.

In the latest edition of Inspired Ideas – Spring 2013, Lilla Rogers one of the contributors talks about how to make great art. She gives you a 12 step program. Here are the first 7;


1. Put your art first – Not all the time but most of the time.

2. Stay physically well, eat well and exercise.

3. Continue to evolve your talent either by taking classes or going to art retreats and conferences

4. Watch less TV – You actually need to make the pieces.

5. Stay Open – It’s an opportunity to learn from others.

6. Manage your emotions

7. Figure out how to stay inspired.

I think I struggle with Number 1 because work takes up so much of my time. Then managing emotions is always difficult and number 7 – how to stay creative and inspired is the subject of a blog post a week or so ago. Which steps do you think you will find challenging? If you would like the other 5 steps you will need to buy your own copy of the magazine. It’s only USD $3.99 and tons of fabulous and colorful things to make and create.

I hope you find time today to acknowledge the beautiful artist in yourself. We are all great artists its just a matter of believing it and making time for it.

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