Exercise or work on my needlepoint ?

stop and smile


Today is the first day in a very long while that I decided to exercise again. A recent visit to my doctor and a check up confirmed I needed to look after myself and start to exercise again. She said “you only have to walk 30 minutes” a day 5 days a week to reap the benefits.

Fitting exercise into a busy work schedule is hard particularly when I would much rather spend my spare time finishing off my “Lovely Grace” needlepoint. I am determined however to improve my health and fitness this year.

In the meantime the Lovely Grace needlepoint is evolving very slowly. On the weekend it was time to decide on the background. Lots of colors to choose from but finally decided on hot pinks and greens. I think I will create a random pattern of pink flowers and green foliage. I am definitely feeling my way through this needlepoint. If the end result is not what I want then I have certainly learnt a lot this time for the next design. I am so enjoying needlepoint on canvas. The texture of the wool in my hand is very comforting. The colors are so inspiring and cheerful. Needlepoint is a very different experience to cross stitch.


Whatever you do today be it exercise, needlepoint, cross stitch, going to work, looking after the kids “Stop a minute and smile today”:)

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