How to use waste canvas – Part 1


How was your week ?  Did you enjoy your week and did you get everything done ?  Were there any challenges you had to overcome ?  Hopefully it all worked out for you and you can now relax for the weekend.  Some more Roses and White Snowballs from the garden to share with you today thanks to Instagram and my iPhone.

As we all know one fabulous way to relax is to stitch something beautiful.  While stitching on Linen or Aida fabric is ideal for any cross stitch projects sometimes it’s nice to be able to stitch on plain fabrics using waste canvas.

Waste canvas is designed to be applied to plain fabric. Once the canvas is in place you can easily stitch your design. When you have finished stitching simply cut the waste canvas away from the fabric leaving the cross stitch design in place.  More on that in Part 2 next week.

The aim of Gingham Red is to use as much Gingham as possible.  The other focus of the blog and the Gingham Red Store is to create original and unique cross stitch and needlepoint kits and designs that have an ultimate use or purpose.  While stitching a cross stitch to be framed on the wall is lovely, there are only so many cross stitch or needlepoint designs that you can hang in the house. Right ?

So with this in mind I have designed a small table runner featuring Red and White Gingham Fabric featuring a “Home Sweet Home” cross stitch design.

To begin stitching with waste canvas you need to stitch the waste canvas on top of the fabric you intend to use for your project.  You can do this simply by hand stitching evenly around the border of the waste canvas.  You can even stitch diagonally from each corner to ensure the waste canvas is securely fastened.  The last thing you want is for your stitches to move half way through your project.

Next begin stitching your cross stitch design.  The photos below were all taken with Instagram.  Instagram is lots of fun and lets you take photos quickly and share them while you are out and about.  The quality of photographs you can take with phones these days is amazing.


Next week in Part 2 I will show you how to finish the design and remove the waste canvas from the fabric.  You will also be able to buy the Home Sweet Home PDF chart or the Kit complete with everything you will need to make this project.  Stocks of the kit will be very limited so be sure to buy one quickly so you don’t miss out.

In the meantime have a great and relaxing weekend :)

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