Find your Joy

Do you have enough Joy in your life?

What does the word “Joy” mean for you?   It’s such a happy word that it needed a bright color for the knitted square.  Orange is the prefect color.  The word “Joy” is embroidered in bright orange cotton floss on yellow and white gingham. The three safety pins have tiny green beads on one side and are attached to the wool square with bright green tapestry wool. The pale pink row of roses was something I added because I liked the roses and thought they worked well with the orange. There is joy in being able to create without any boundaries or rules.

This square is part of the”knitting a string of words in 2015” project which I started in January. You might like to make your own knitted string of words this year. Click on the link for instructions to make the knitted square – it’s a great project for beginner knitters. Add your own details and embellishments to make it special for you.

 I hope you find “Joy” in your life this month.


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