Five things to do during Melbourne’s fifth lockdown

Its going to be ok

Hello everyone

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post.   The world has been and is going through so much at the moment.  Life has been challenging for everyone. So much sadness and heartache.

I have been reflecting on the journey we have all had to travel in the past year and a half.  In April 2020 Melbournians headed into its first lockdown.      We endured more than 8 weeks not being able to leave home for anything other than essential supplies within a 5 km radius. No visitors to our homes and an 8pm curfew.  Masks were worn outside at all times as well as inside when shopping. It was a frightening and difficult time.  Our family was lucky we did not get the virus and most of us had jobs we could do from home and for that I am so grateful.  My 21 year old son worked throughout the last lockdown and all the other lockdowns including this one part time in a butcher shop which has been open continuously as it is considered an essential service.  He works out the back of the shop cleaning the trays. He has not once complained about working for 12 hours a day on his feet while wearing a mask all day.  He said he is happy to work and grateful for his job no matter what it involves.

On Thursday last week we entered our fifth lockdown for 7 days. Melbournians know how to do a lockdown very well compared to our cousins over the order in NSW who avoided any serious lockdowns all of last year.  Our current lockdown is due to three removalists from NSW who  travelled to Victoria and then back to NSW while infected with the Delta strain of COVID19.

This Sunday Victoria recorded 16 new cases of COVID-19 and having experienced four previous lockdowns, I predict that we will be locked down for a further 5 days from Thursday next week.  This would be consistent with the previous lifting of restrictions when the authorities look for a few days of zero cases before easing things and allowing people to go out shopping and eating out in restaurants.

So what to do in this fifth lockdown.  Here are a few things I have been doing:

Exercise – I have decided to get fit and am walking around 6km a day after work.  It’s amazing how much better I feel.

Read Art Books – Lots and lots of art and reading about art.  I purchased the Secret Lives of Colors and did not realise that each color has its own unique story.  For example the color Puce comes from the french word for fleas.  Apparently that is the word King Louis XVI used to describe a new dress Marie Antoinette had purchased.   If you are interested in her book you can hear all about it here.

3.  Declutter and tidy up – The first few lockdowns were about doing nothing much at all but just getting through it.  Now that I have experienced a few lockdowns I know they will pass eventually and life will get back to some sort of normality (ish).  While there is no going out or catch up with friends there is extra time to declutter and tidy up.  There are lots of programmes on Netflix to help you sort through your clutter including Marie Kondo. 

Cook – The extra time available in lockdown is a great opportunity to learn a new recipe or two.  It’s also a good time to watch your favourite cooking programmes again.  I love Rick Stein’s programmes.  If you are in Australia you can watch  Rick on SBS on demand.

Sleep – Yes sleep.  I sleep an extra 2 hours a day since working from home and in lockdown.  I used to get up at 6 am to get ready for work which included a one hour commute each way. Now I can get up at 8 am and still be at my desk by 8.30 am.  What a luxury!

While this lockdown is frustrating and annoying I am focussing on everything being ok in the end and as they say ‘this too shall pass’.  I wish you well and stay safe.

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