More flowers on table – Watercolor #7

They say that practise makes perfect. They also say that you have to do something for 10,000 times before you become a master.

So with this in mind I attempted another small watercolor of flowers and plants on a table.  It was a quick watercolor and it shows but still its practise!

What I learnt from today’s watercolor painting;

  1. Time – The more time spent on the painting the better the result.  I am painting after work and trying to get it done with enough light still left to photograph it. The result is a bit rushed.
  2. Subjects – It is challenging coming up with new ideas every day to paint.
  3. PaperMolly Murrah on Watercolor 101 says that one of the most important things to remember with watercolor is to make sure to use the best paper you can. I painted the design on notebook paper and the result is not as good.

What are you working on improving in your creative life?


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