Friday and a pink rose


Inspired by the lovely Annetta from the blogInspired by Annetta Bosakova” I created my first video for you today. I met Annetta through Instagram. Annetta’s blog is just lovely with so many beautiful photographs and messages. She is a very talented and creative lady. Make sure to visit her blog she will surely inspire you too.

The video was filmed using an iPhone 5s and was more of an experiment. I then edited the video in iMovie. Hopefully this is the start of many more videos to come.

So many things to be grateful for at the end of the week. So much beauty and perfection is all around. Take this beautiful, perfect pink rose growing in my garden.  Beauty in our gorgeous cat asleep on the bed. I could not resist gently placing the rose on his head. He was not amused. He is so sweet.

Have a wonderful weekend !



roseoct1 copy



2 thoughts on “Friday and a pink rose

  1. Yes you are absolutely right he was sleepy and not that happy. He is such a lovely cat though.

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