From a watercolor to a needlepoint bag


Have you ever heard the term “Thoughts become Things”? The book the Secret is all about that. Thoughts and ideas are powerful and can manifest into our reality. Perhaps the watercolor I painted of Lovely Grace” last December is an example of this. Grace was an idea in my head. She was not just a passing idea, her presence was so strong she demanded to manifest into this world as a painting and then a needlepoint. It took me a while to agree that I would do this with her.

The interesting thing is that while an idea can start in one form by the time the idea is completed it can take on a completely different form. Grace was “harder” in the water-colour. Her eyebrows were dark and her lips probably too red. Her pale blue eyes, large and gazing back almost accusingly. Then came the wool and the canvas and Grace was transformed and softened. That’s the wonderful thing about ideas.  They can be born and then change in the most unexpected ways. “Lovely Grace” is lovely and I am so glad she is here with me. She is beautiful.










Hope you can manifest your ideas into reality.  It’s up to you and its wonderful when it happens.

Take care xox

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