Gorgeous cross stitch on Flickr

There are so many gorgeous cross stitch items on Flickr.  I love to browse through the latest images on Flickr to find out what people have been stitching.

I found a few beautiful cross stitch images on Flickr which I wanted to share with you today.

All beautiful and gorgeous.  This is just the beginning of a regular cross stitch Flickr “round up” I hope to share with you each week.  The reviews will feature cross stitch, needlepoint and any and all beautiful handmade pieces made by generally fabulous, creative people.  Enjoy :)

  1. Cross stitch pendant garden by Goodknits
  2. Luscious strawberries by Craftylicious
  3. Delicate roses by Smila’s world
  4. Elegant blackwork dress by The Workroom
  5. Little boy by Petits details

Hope you have plenty of time for some x x x x today !

Take care.



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