Growing Iceberg roses


It’s the season for roses again and the garden is bursting with glorious blooms. The iceberg rose bred in Germany in 1958 is an easy rose to grow in your garden.  They are resistant to most diseases including black spot. Once in full bloom the rose bush produces masses of white flowers across spring, summer and into early autumn.

Beware however, possums love them too. They will destroy your rose bush as soon as the buds begin to appear and it can be quite devastating to see your rose bush destroyed by an overnight possum attack. If you live in a possum area you might want to protect your rose buds with mesh.

Where to plant: Plant your iceberg rose in a spot where it will get 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day in well drained soil. Water your rose once a week and more during the hot weather.

Maintenance: Iceberg roses need very little maintenance. Prune back once a year after flowering. Don’t be afraid to cut it right back.

Diseases: They are quite resistant to disease but can be susceptible to aphids and thrips.

Vase: Yes iceberg roses are beautiful as a cut flower.