Halloween Gingham Napkin

The Halloween Napkin inspired by the watercolor painted on Saturday morning is finally finished.  I adapted the napkin for an Australian Halloween as it features a Red Back spider on black and white Gingham fabric with a simple crochet border in orange cotton.

The back of the napkin features bright orange cotton fabric. You can chose to leave the backing off but it does give the napkin a nicer finish and hides the stitches of the spider embroidery.

The embroidery took up to an hour to stitch and is made of very simple “long and short” embroidery stitch.  The spider legs were stitched with backstitch.  My youngest son is thrilled to have Spider napkins for Halloween and wants me to create more spider napkins.

If you don’t know how to crochet then you could use some orange piping to decorate the border of the napkin or just leave the orange border off the design altogether.

In case you are interested Red Back spiders are very dangerous Australian spiders.  They live in the bush and in the suburbs and are instantly recognisable by the red stripe on their backs.

Hope you have a lovely day wherever you are !

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