Happy Easter 2017


Hope you had a lovely Easter break. In Australia we are lucky to have Friday and Monday off giving us a four day long weekend. What a luxury! We spent the four days relaxing at home. I spent alot of my time with my Flamingo needlepoint and exploring with acrylics while watching a number of french movies including “Dior and I’. If you love sewing and haute couture I would highly recommend this movie to you.

I  also took out my acrylics today and painted {Girl + Cat = Happy}. The painting is hanging on the wall above my computer. The cat makes me smile.

I have been reflecting on the direction of Gingham Red again. I tend to do when I have time to reflect and think.  My first love has always been needlepoint with wool and canvas.  I am not sure why it just is. But then I change my mind and work on a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I love cross stitch too. There is so much to explore and work on its all a matter of having enough time in between working, family, friends, responsibilities etc etc etc.

Meanwhile the flamingo is taking shape…..

What are you working on? Hope you had a great Easter!

Stay safe and happy and see you soon.