Hearts on Etsy

hearts on etsy

Day 9 of 14 days of hearts is all about hearts on Etsy. There are so many beautiful, wonderful creative people making lovely things for sale on Etsy.

The thing that amazes me about Etsy is the sheer number of things being sold each day. According to Craftcount the highest selling Etsy store owner sells beads. If you look at the other categories of top sellers most are paper related. The other thing about Etsy is it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. So many sellers selling so many things.

Every so often I visit Etsy to see what’s new. Today I picked 5 beautiful heart related things to share with you. Each of these items are less than $40.00. More information on each item in the links below.

1. Vintage Handkerchief with red hearts

2. Red crochet heart cake toppers

3.Felted bowl with heart

4. Mug with red heart

5. Red heart on grey striped fabric

Enjoy your Saturday.


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