Hello again!

Hello again!

It’s been nearly two months since I last shared a blog post with you. The past two months have been spent thinking, reflecting and stitching the alphabet chart I have been working on.

I needed this short break to rejuvenate and give me time to reflect on the things I want to share with you on the blog for this year and next. After nearly three years of blogging I was lacking the motivation or inspiration to write yet another blog post. Coupled with a very busy work schedule and the mid winter blues I needed to retreat and take time to rejuvenate.

Spring has now arrived in our Melbourne garden. The Spring rains have brought forth new blooms and green leaves.  The pure white iceberg roses and bright yellow climbing roses burst forth to decorate the garden after a long, cold winter. The new growth on the ferns are something to celebrate and the scent of the budding gardenias by the front door is so welcoming. This is such a lovely time of year.

After cutting the Hydrangeas back this winter they are now blooming forth bright, shiny new leaves. I can’t wait to see their soft pink and white flowers and pray the hot summer weather stays away while the tiny Hydrangea buds grow.

The garden is so full of delicious garden smells that Doug the Pug spends most of his time with his head firmly in the bushes. The rest of the time he enjoys his naps and walks to the park. Doug does not know this yet but a little pug brother is on its way to join our family. Pete, the baby black pug will arrive in early December. Stay tuned for photos of Pete!

In the meantime, the picture alphabet cross stitch chart I designed and started stitching earlier this year is slowly taking shape. I only have five letters left to stitch and can’t wait until it’s finished so I can share the pattern with you.

I am glad to be back and look forward to sharing more with you next week. Until then, smile, stitch and be happy.