Holidays in Cape Bridgewater and bush fire season


We are now on holidays in Cape Bridgewater located approximately 15 minutes from Portland and 4.5 hours from Melbourne by car.

We left Melbourne last Friday on a 40 degree day and travelled for hours along the magnificent Great Ocean Road. We arrived at our destination in the early afternoon.  Our accomodation for the week – a rustic old farm house overlooking Cape Bridgewater located close to a pine forest.

We had only been at the house a few short hours when I saw huge plumes of black smoke coming across the pine plantation in our direction.  Everyone else was in the house having an afternoon nap. It was so hot.  I quickly ran into the house and woke everyone up. Their rest time was over. We urgently packed everything and headed to Bridgewater beach where we could access the Country Fire Authority information through our phones.Unfortunately the charms of the farm house did not include internet or mobile phone coverage

Bridgewater Beach is beautiful and wide.  There is no protection from the sun if you decide to spend the day there but you could always buy a beach shelter.  The Beachwater Cafe is fabulous but crowded so make sure to arrive early if you want something to eat. The Cafe is open for dinner during summer only.

After an hour or so at the beach we headed into Portland for dinner.  Towards the end of the day the Country Fire Authority had brought the fire close to us under control. It was safe to go back to the farm house. It was a frightening experience.

We will be on alert all week as the high temperatures and strong winds will continue.

The photos below were taken on my iphone and camera and chronicle our holiday so far.  The pictures show our progres along the Great Ocean Road to the charming “Australian” farm house. There are also photos showing the black smoke from the bush fire which were burning nearby on the afternoon of our arrival.


















See you later this week for more.  In the meantime take care.


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