How to block or stretch your needlepoint canvas


You have spent hours and hours working on your beautiful needlepoint canvas and have finally finished it. You worked it with or without a tapestry frame (naughty). Either way if your needlepoint has pulled out of shape it must be blocked before you can transform it into a pillow or handbag. What are your options?

1. Take it to a professional framer and pay them to stretch it for you.

2. Do it yourself and save the money :)

It’s not that hard to do – here’s how

You will need;





There you have it.  In 24 hours your beautiful needlepoint will be stretched to perfection ready for you to transform into something beautiful. If you find that the needlepoint is still not straight then apply the process again stretching the canvas again. It is worth taking your time with this process otherwise that gorgeous cushion you make will forever look lopsided. That would be a real pity after all that hard work.

Voila! Easy as it can be.

Have fun and enjoy that needlepoint.

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