Learn how to cross stitch

Cross stitch is fun and relaxing.  It’s easy too if you know how.

Cross stitch is made up a series of small squares that you count on the fabric you are stitching.  You always start stitching your design from the middle of your fabric. Cross stitch fabrics come with small squares.  The size of the squares determines the count of the fabric.  Cross stitch is usually stitched on Aida or Linen.  Linen is beautiful and gives a lovely delicate finish.  Aida is great too because it is easy to count the squares and is ideal for beginners.

Here is how to cross stitch in easy steps;

1. You will need some Aida fabric or linen.  A size 24 Tapestry needle, some cotton floss, an 4″ (10cm) embroidery hoop and a cross stitch pattern.  Once you have placed your fabric in the embroidery hoop you can begin.

2. Thread your needle with the required number of cotton floss.  Most patterns call for two strands but it can be up to three depending on the fabric and pattern.

3. Bring your needle up through the fabric from the bottom left corner of the square;

4. Next, take your needle and thread across the fabric diagonally and then down at the top right of the square to make half a cross.

5. Bring the needle up again from underneath the fabric and repeat steps 2 to 3 for the number of crosses you have in your chart of the same colour until you have a row of half crosses.

6. When at the end of the row bring the needle from under the fabric but this time from the bottom right corner and up and across to the top left corner to form a cross.

7. Repeat step 6 until you have formed a line of crosses.  Make sure to work each cross stitch to the top halves lie in the same direction.  This will make your finished stitching look neat.

There you have it !  Enjoy the cross stitch journey.  May it bring you hours and hours of enjoyment.


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