How to grow beautiful Azaleas


It’s Azalea season at the moment. The warmth of the spring days are encouraging these gorgeous plants to bloom in all their glory.

Cheerful and quite hardy Azaleas are easy to grow.

Where to plant: Azaleas prefer to grow in semi-shade spots in the garden with morning sun. The come in a variety of colors including white, pink and various shades of red. They also like dappled light.

Make sure to build up the soil with organic matter before planting. If you live in a very dry area you might want to add some soil wetting agent to ensure the soil stays moist.

Maintenance: Azaleas flower for a short time only.  Lightly prune Azaleas after they bloom each year to encourage good growth for the following year. Apply mulch around the plant and fertilize in spring. Make sure to water your plants in the heat of summer.

Edible: Azaleas are not edible plants.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and have time to work in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one.