How to make a cross stitch “Ham Bag” for Christmas

Hello everyone!

Hope you are well.  Lazy weekend spent with Hydrangeas in the garden and in the house. Also had plenty of cups of tea.  Aren’t Hydrangeas dreamy and beautiful ?

Being an “old fashioned” kind of girl who loves flowers, doilies and old houses, the freshly picked pink Hydrangeas had to be placed on the doily I bought in Chennai, India earlier in the year.  I love houses that feel warm and friendly and are a reminder of days gone by when life was simpler and slower.

Two weeks left to Christmas.  Are you furiously finishing off that last craft item or stitchy project you want to give that special person ?

If you have some spare time in the next two weeks and only if you have some spare time then you might like to make a cross stitch “Ham Bag” for Christmas.  You know the calico bag that stores Ham in the refrigerator over the Christmas period.  The idea is that the Ham is already in a calico bag but it is then placed in the special “Ham Bag” you have stitched featuring the word “Ham” in pink cross stitch letters.

The project is super easy and here is how to make it;

1.  Cut two pieces of calico or white linen fabric measuring 40 x 60 cm (15.5 x 24 inches)

2.  Cut one piece of 14ct waste canvas measuring 34 x 16 cm (7 x 13 inches)

3.  Base the waste canvas into place by stitching around the waste fabric and diagonally if you like to keep it in place.  Click “Here” for a tutorial on how to use waste canvas.

4.  Start stitching the letters “H A M” in place by using the letters you like in shades of pink you choose.  This design features letters 9cm high.

5. Once you have stitched the letters carefully remove the waste canvas from the letters and the bag.

6. Stitch the two sides of the fabric together making sure to have the finished cross stitch letters facing in.  Stitch around three sides.

7. Fold a 5cm or 2″ edge at the top edge of the fabric which you fold down and then stitch into place.

8. Thread through a ribbon or small rope and thread through the top of the fabric fold until the ribbons meet.

9. Iron the finished piece and wrap.

10. Give your gift to that special person.

More photos once I have finished creating the Ham Bag myself.

Have a fabulous week !



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