How to make a Needle Book


It’s an afternoon of tea and flowers on this Sunday afternoon. There has been quite a bit of activity in the Gingham Red studio with the red gingham fabric needle book now sewn, stitched and completed.

You can never have enough needle books. I have a number of books around the house in different shapes and sizes and they are so handy to have around. How many do you have?

The needle book I have designed is a little larger. The finished needle book measures approximately 19 x 17 cm. You might like to make yours a bit smaller.

This needle book is ideal to carry around not only those delicate sewing needles but also your larger tapestry needles.  The combination of red and white gingham together with red and white spots is fresh and cheerful. The freshness of the yellow and bright red felt needle holders are like an explosion of color each time the needle book is opened. The cross stitch cotton spool is a fun addition. The needle book takes less than an afternoon to sew and stitch.

You can download the free chart by clicking “Here”



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2 thoughts on “How to make a Needle Book

  1. Hello Dear Freida, I love needle books too for the pure joy of having one for my supplies and because it’s an opportunity to create a little work of art! oh, and did I mention that I actually love books too?? :-) have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Hello Linda – Yes as an avid book lover myself I completely agree with you. The world is better with paper or fabric books. While technology is moving towards paperless books I will never ever stop loving the real thing – a beautiful book made of paper. Thank you very much for stopping by to say hello :)

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