Hydrangea Love




Good morning

The Hydrangeas which have been growing in the garden this spring and summer have taken my breath away. They have made me realise together with the other flowers and plants that grow in the garden that they are indeed miracles.  They grow with water and sunshine. They are pruned back at the right time.  If they are lucky they might be fed with plant food from time to time. Yet they bloom in all their glory each year with so much beauty and colour.

The Hydrangeas in the photo are standing in a vase on my kitchen table. They are the white Hydrangea yet they have a slight tinge of blue. They are perfect.

Flowers make me happy.  I would rather have flowers in my life everyday than buy a new dress, bag or shoes. Yes I know some of you will faint at the idea. I cannot live without flowers in my life. They are too beautiful, too precious and a most magnificent gift to all of us on this gorgeous planet.

What is your favourite flower?

One thought on “Hydrangea Love

  1. Happy New Year!

    Glad you were safe with the fires you mentioned during your holidays. Of course it’s cold for us at Christmas time!

    My favourite flowers are Tulips but I agree, Hydrangeas are beautiful too!

    Glad you’re posting again!


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